Studio Lighting

Are you just starting out with studio photography or simply want to get the best out of your set up? My studio portrait course is not only designed to improve your studio photography but also help you make the right choices from the outset so you don’t waste money on equipment you don’t need or that isn’t fit for purpose.

During my one day course I will show you how to position your lights for the best effect to tell a story. I will show you four great lighting setups that will cover nearly all your lighting needs, this includes:

  • Dramatic creative lighting
  • Family & Traditional Portraiture
  • High Key & Low Key
  • Hair lights
  • Rim lights
  • Lighting the background
  • One Light set up

In addition we will cover the inverse square law and how important it can be as well as how to evenly light a white background. If you’ve ever struggled with studio lighting in terms of positioning, equipment and general set up then this is the course for you.

This one to one course is just £500.00 for the day or £660 if you would like me to provide a model. . I’ll bring the tea and biscuits and you will leave with a sound understanding of studio lighting to enhance your photography business.