Environmental Off Camera Flash

Sometimes nature just needs a little bit of assistance and that is where Off Camera Flash comes in. This course is designed for the more advanced photographer wishing to take their skill set to the next level and add a new string to their bow. My Off Camera Flash students will already need to be confident in operating their camera in fully manual mode.

The light outdoors is ever changing , it can be really hard and powerful or diffused or waning. This means we can lose that creative control we need as we are reliant on our surroundings. Using off camera flash techniques we will make the impossible, possible. By bringing our own light source we are taking that control back.  During my course I will take you out into the fields, woods and countryside of Worcestershire, near to where I am based to show you how I create some of my dynamic portraits. I will show you how I use the ambient light to create a mood or a feel to an image, how I tell a story with my lights. Mixing/ balancing Off Camera Flash with natural light is an extremely useful skill to learn, as most of your outside work will include some amount of ambient light. By learning to mix the two, you’ll have the option to maintain a natural look or add drama to the scene I will show you how to successfully execute both.

Once you’ve mastered this skill you will be confident shooting in any lighting conditions, you will even be able to photograph successfully in the noon day sun. We will explore high speed sync and when and how to use it and the various alternatives to overpowering the sun.

This is my most popular one to one course for professional photographers and is just £660 for the day including a model.