Photography Training – Customer Feedback

What a fascinating Introduction to the world of photography! When my wife purchased my camera for me and booked me on one of Martin’s Courses, I was expecting a detailed breakdown into the technical workings and specifications of my Nikon Camera…how wrong I was! Martin spent time explaining to me the ‘art’ of photography, the importance of light and that the camera is only a tool to tell a story that you have already visualized or witnessed, before you even pick up the camera. Martins passion for photography was very much in evidence, holding my attention to such an extent that when we actually started operating the camera things started to fall into place naturally. Martin explained the importance of the ‘exposure triangle’ emphasising its role as the perfect recipe for capturing the moment. His delivery of content was pitched perfectly, not technically heavy but delivered simplistically, applying the fundamental rules to good quality photography. By the end of one session I had moved on from someone having every setting of my camera on auto, to competently taking portrait and landscape shots with the vast array of manual controls I now have at my disposal, with the confidence to experiment as well. I’d highly recommend Martin’s photography services to anyone who wants to get started in photography or wants to take the next step to semi pro – great course, great delivery! Richard Small.